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Three Gorges Tribe

The Three Gorges Tribe scenic area, located between the Three Gorges Dam and the Gezhouba Dam, includes Longjin Creek, the No. 4 Spring in the World, Yepoling Ridge, Dengying Cave, Shipai Ancient Town, Yangjiaxi Military Drifting Area and other attractions.

Here, visitors can go the Memorial Hall of the Shipai Battle against the Japanese invasion and the ancient Ba People’s Village, they can also participate in the Three Gorges Tribe interaction and Yangjiaxi military drifting and other entertainment. Other famous attractions such as Mingyue Bay (the first bay in the Three Gorges), Stone Token (the first memorial tablet in China), Dengying Stone (the first stone on Yangtze River), and Hama Spring (the No. 4 spring in the country) are worth visiting. Here, the white walls, green tiles, stone-paved roads, small bridges, flowing water, stilted dwellings, twisted vines, ancient trees, magpie nests, machine gun bunkers, abandoned trenches, peculiar rocks, karst caves, and ancient castles will provide a unique experience for visitors.

Travel Tips

Address:Xiling Gorge, Yiling District, Yichang, Hubei Province

Transportation:Take bus 10-1 in downtown Yichang

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