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The Lesser Three Gorges

Situated along the Dicui Gorge of the Madu River, a tributary of the Daning River, Wushan Lesser Three Gorges is the generic name for Changtan Gorge, Qinwang Gorge and Sancheng Gorge. It is regarded as the best rafting destination in China because tourists can participate in a thrilling but danger-free journey while enjoying the natural scenery.  

Compared to the Lesser Three Gorges at Daning River, the Lesser Three Gorges boast higher mountains, more precipitous gorges, narrower rivers, more turbulent rapids, more tranquil caves and finer scenery. It is no wonder that they say tourists will enjoy the mountains of Zhangjiajie as much as they will the rivers of the Lesser Three Gorges. Recently, a new activity has been made available: rafting on rubber dinghies. Purchase tickets at the Ticket Booth of the Lesser Three Gorges. After sailing upstream to the terminal of Sancheng Gorge by wooden boat, tourists can change to rubber dinghies and paddle themselves downstream, equipped with golden life jackets. The turbulent but shallow waters of the Madu River make for an adventurous but danger-free journey.

Travel Tips

Address:Wushan area, Chongqing

Transportation:It is recommended to incorporate a trip to the Lesser Three Gorges alongside a trip to the Lesser Three Gorges since the two sites are adjacent. Tourists can take boats along the Daning River to the ferry terminal and change to smaller boats to continue the journey.

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