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Wulong Karst Tourist Area

Wulong Karst Tourist Area is a cluster of several karst landscapes, consisting of caves, dolines, ravines, canyons, peak clusters and alpine steppes. In addition to the natural scenery, a variety of entertainment and sports activities are on offer. Tourists can also appreciate the unique folk customs of ethnic minorities such as the Tujia, Miao and Ge Lao. Wulong Karst Tourist Area is listed as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Wulong Karst Tourist Area features spectacular and precious karst landscapes that include three major areas, the Three Natural Bridges, Xiannv Mountain National Forest Park and Furong Cave. Tourists will have an excellent time surrounded by the natural scenery.

Travel Tips

Address:Southeast edge of Chongqing

Transportation:1.Take a bus or scenic area shuttle bus at Xiannv Mountain Town to Xiannv Mountain and the Three Natural Bridges. 2. Take regular buses to Furong Cave from Jiangkou Town of Wulong County.

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