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Wudalianchi (Five Connective Lakes) received its name due to the five barrier lakes of different sizes here. In the scenic area, visitors can see various lava landforms, which look like ropes, fried dough twists, or even rafts. Visitors can also climb up the crater to overlook the whole scenic area, enjoy the scenery in the hot spring lake area or taste the cold mineral spring water.

In the spring, the lava is covered with lichen and moss, and colorful wild flowers are in full bloom in the forest. In the summer, green leaves can be everywhere, and the lake is as clear as a mirror. The whole scenic area is bright with color. Even at this time of year, visitors can still see the underground ice cave with icicles hanging from the roof. Visitors can also walk barefoot on the lakeshore to feel the warmth of the earth. In late autumn, the aspens, white birches, and other various plants form large red and golden patches. The whole scenic area looks like a gorgeous oil painting and is a paradise for photographers. At this time, the blue lake is tinted with a lilac color. The blue sky, white clouds, and volcanic cones are reflected on the mirror-like lake, making visitors feel as if they were in a fairytale.

Travel Tips

Address:Wudalianchi City, Heilongjiang Province

Transportation:Shuttle buses operate directly between the Longyun Bus Station in front of Harbin Railway Station and the Wudalianchi scenic area. A single bus ride lasts over 5 hours and the fare is about RMB 95. However, only a few buses can take you directly to the scenic area, so it is recommended that you consult and book your ticket in advance.

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