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Puning Temple

Puning Temple is located in Chengde City, Hebei Province, is the largest Xizang Buddhist temple in northern China. It has also entered the World Cultural Heritage List.

The temple, with magnificent and beautiful buildings, is about 250 meters in depth, and a walking tour takes about two hours. Puning Temple has very unique buildings. In the front part are Chinese-style buildings, including a traditional Chinese-style gate, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, a side hall and a main hall (Hall of Mahavira). In the rear part are typical Xizang-style buildings. Centered on the magnificent Hall of Mahayana, a group of buildings are modeled after the famous Samye Monastery in Xizang. Here, visitors can admire and take photos of the Xizang-style buildings with white walls and red roofs.


Travel Tips

Address:No. 1, Puning Road, Shuangqiao District, Chengde City, Hebei Province (north of Chengde Mountain Resort)

Transportation:Take the bus to Puning Temple station and then walk to the destination

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