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The Jinggang Mountains

The Jinggang Mountains are located in Ji’an and is the cradle of Chinese revolution. Visitors can come here to pay respects to revolutionary relics and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty as well. The best time to travel to the Jinggang Mountains is from April to October every year.

As a mountainous scenic area, the Jinggang Mountains are magnificent, wondrous, precipitous, graceful, and tranquil. The entire scenic area consists of 11 sub-scenic areas and 76 attractions. They boast more than 460 scenic objects and landscapes, including more than 30 types of revolutionary and cultural landscapes and more than 100 types of revolutionary sites. Among their main attractions are Huangyangjie, Wuzhi Peak, the Jinggang Mountains Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery, Ciping Revolutionary Sites, Mao Zedong’s Former Residence in Dajing Village, the Jinggangshan Mountain Revolutionary Museum, the Maoping Octagonal Building, the Joining Forces Memorial Hall, Longtan, Main Peak, Shuikou, and Dujuan Mountain.


Travel Tips

Address:Jinggang Mountains Scenic Area, Jinggangshan City, Jiangxi Province

Transportation:Take the long-distance bus to Ji’an and then transfer to the long-distance bus to Ciping.

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