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Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea

The scenic area of Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea is located off the coast of the Yellow Sea northern Penglai, where the eight immortals were said to have crossed the sea. In the scenic area, there are ancient-style pavilions and gardens based on the legend of “Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea.” Here, you can worship immortals, pray for blessings, experience the strong Taoist cultural atmosphere, and enjoy spectacular views of the sea.

Visitors can enter the gourd-shaped island from the Eight Immortals Bridge. Attractions there include Xianyuan Tower, Wangying Tower, Baxian (Eight Immortals) Temple, Qifu Hall, Huixian Pavilion, and Mazu Temple. They are well-spaced and set in a beautiful ecological environment, making you feel as if you were really in a land of fantasy. There is a sightseeing wharf at the north tip of the scenic area, where visitors can take a speedboat to enjoy the sea.



Travel Tips

Address:No. 8, Haibin Road, Penglai City, Shandong Province

Transportation:Take bus 2, 3, 4, or 7 and get off at Baxian Guohai station where shuttle buses take tourists to the scenic area.

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