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The Yandang Mountains

The Yandang Mountains, located in the coastal area in the northeast of Wenzhou, are considered to be one of China’s top ten mountains due to the beautiful scenery around them. West Yandang refers to Zeya and East Yandang refers to Dongtou. North Yandang and South Yandang are more than 100 kilometers apart and have hardly anything to do with each other. The Yandang Mountains scenic area only refers to North Yandang, which is also what tourists mean when they mention Yandang Mountains.

In its heyday, there were 18 temples, 10 halls, and 16 pavilions on Yandang Mountain. In addition, Yandang Mountain is the most complete, typical cretaceous rhyolitic caldera in the circum-Pacific volcanic belt, and Chinese and foreign geologists often refer to it as a “natural museum.” In 2005, it was recognized by the UNESCO as a global geopark.

Travel Tips

Address:Yueqing County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province

Transportation:In the scenic area, the main public means of transportation are the local green minibuses, which can be taken in both Yandang Town and at the Xiangtouling Ridge (in the center of the scenic area).

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