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Tianzhu Mountain

Tianzhu Mountain is located in Qianshan County in southwest Anhui Province and boasts picturesque scenery. It is famous for “lofty peaks, deep caves, oddly-shaped pines, and strangely shaped rocks” and is a geopark well known worldwide. Tianzhu Mountain is full of surprises. Visitors can climb up the summit to admire Tianzhu Peak in the distance, walk on the precipitous Qinglong Ridge, explore the strategic pass, the ancient villages and mysterious valleys, and overlook the beautiful Liandan Lake. The sea of clouds on Tianzhu Mountain is also a place of wonderful scenery.

Tianzhu Peak, the highest peak on Tianzhu Mountain, has an elevation of 1,488 meters. Usually it cannot be climbed but only admired from a distance. In addition, the peak is hidden in the clouds for about half of the year.

Travel Tips

Address:Tianzhushan Town, Qianshan County, Anqing

Transportation:The Qianshan County is 23 kilometers away from Tianzhu Mountain scenic area. Visitors can go to the entrance of Tianzhu Road of the county (commonly known as the Zero Milestone to locals) or Tianzhu Mountain Archway bus stop, and take the medium-sized bus operating between Qianshan and Tianzhu Mountain to the scenic area. The fare is about RMB 15 per person.

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