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Xidi and Hongcun Villages

Xidi Village and Hongcun Village are located in Yixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province. They are the two most representative ancient villages in southern Anhui Province. They are known as “the villages from the paintings” and have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

The Xidi Village is located at the southern foot of Mount Huang. It is only 40 km away from the Mount Huang scenic area and is known as “a village by the Peach Blossom Spring.” It was founded in the Huangyou reign of Northern Song Dynasty, expanded in the mid-Jingtai reign of Ming Dynasty, and reached its height of splendor in the early Qing Dynasty. It has a history of more than 960 years. The village is 700 meters from east to west and 300 meters from north to south. More than 1,000 people live here in around 300 houses. In the village, the Anhui-style folk houses are well arranged and decorated with brick, wood and stone carvings. So far, more than 20 attractions have been developed, such as Lingyun Pavilion, Prefectural Governor’s Archway, Ruiyu Courtyard, Peach and Plum Garden, East Garden, West Garden, Dafu Mansion, Jing’ai Hall, Lufu Hall, Qingyun Pavilion, Yingfu Hall, and Ying Tianqi Art Gallery.

Hongcun Village is located in the northeast of Yixian County, Anhui province. It was founded in the Shaoxi reign of Southern Song Dynasty (AD 1131) and has a history of over 800 years. Leaning against an extension of Mount Huang and often shrouded in clouds, it is like a long painting scroll. It combines natural and cultural landscapes and is referred to as “the village from the Chinese paintings.”

Travel Tips

Address:Xidi Village is in Xidi Town, Yixian County, Huangshan City; Hongcun Village is in Hongcun Town, Yixian County, Huangshan City

Transportation:Take the bus from Yixian Bus Station, Huangshan General Bus Station (Tunxi Bus Station), or Tangkou Town Huangshan Scenic Area Transfer Center to Xidi Village; the bus from Tunxi terminates at Hongcun Village.

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