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Kaiping Diaolou and Villages

The Kaiping Diaolou (watchtower) is located in Kaiping City in China's Guangdong Province and is a unique feature of Chinese vernacular architecture. They combine elements of defense, residence and architectural art into their multi-storied towers.

The architecture in Kaiping assembles foreign architectural styles from different periods, including Ancient Greek colonnades, Ancient Roman columns, arches and ceilings, Gothic pointed arches from the European Middle Ages, Islamic arches, European castle structures, Portuguese arcades, European Baroque architecture from the renaissance period and the 17th century and other architectural styles.

On top of the fascinating watchtower that integrates both Chinese and Western styles, Kaiping in early spring also comes to bloom with fields of rape flowers making a stunning spectacle that can be seen for miles around from on top of the towers.

Travel Tips

Address:Tangkou Town, Kaiping City, Jiangmen City

Transportation:If there are four or more visitors it is recommended that they hire a vehicle and driver as the watchtowers are distributed widely. This usually costs around 30 yuan per person. Another option is to take the bus to the scenic area, which can cost anything from 1.5 to 5 RMB.

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