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Rock Paintings of Mount Hua

The Rock Paintings of Mount Hua are a representative example of the Chinese rock painting along the Zuojiang basin. It is also the single largest, the richest in content and best-preserved example in the whole of the country. The area of painting is 172 meters long, roughly 50 meters high and covers an area of over 8,000 square meters. There are 111 collections of paintings remaining today comprised of around over 1,900 individual pictures. The theme centers on images of people and includes bronze drums, knifes, swords, sheep horn bells and wild animals. The human figures are depicted with both arms outstretched pulling on a bow and with legs half crouched like dancing. The distribution area of the paintings is wide and must have been incredibly difficult to undertake, making it an imposing spectacle. Such paintings are rarely seen domestically or abroad and boast strong artistic connotations and important value for archeological research.

Travel Tips

Address:Tuolong Town, Ningming County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi

Transportation:Self-driving: Enter Zhuangjin Avenue in Jiangnan District from Chaoyang Square and head towards Nanning Wuwei Airport. Take the Nanyou Expressway (passing Nahong toll gate) and leave via the Ningming/Huashan Exit (passing Ningming toll gate).

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