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Mount Chishui Danxia

There is over 1,000 square kilometers of Danxia landform in Chishui. Its Danxia red cliffs, soaring isolated peaks and narrow ridges, glorious and strange formations and rocks, colossal rock galleries and caves, and elegant Danxia gorges contrasted by the green forests, waterfalls, rivers and streams make it the largest and most impressive example of Danxia landform in China.

Mount Chishui Danxia, alongside Mount Langshan (Hunan Province), Mount Danxia (Guangdong Province), Mount Taining (Fujian Province), Mount Longhu (Jiangxi Province) and Mount Jianglang (Zhejiang Province), are the six famous scenic areas that is generally called the "Chinese Danxia".

Travel Tips

Address:Chishui City, Zunyi City

Transportation:There are numerous buses leaving from Chishui Old Long-distance Bus Station and Chishui Long-distance Tourist Bus Station every day.

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