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Eastern Qing Tombs

The Eastern Qing Tombs is the largest and most systematically intact imperial mausoleum complex with the best layout in China and has been recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Buried here are the remains of the Qing Dynasty Shunzhi Emperor, the Kangxi Emperor, the Qianlong Emperor, the Xianfeng Emperor, the Tongzhi Emperor, the Empress Dowager Cixi, the Fragrant Concubine and another 161 figures. It is said that the Shunzhi Emperor came here for hunting and was taken aback by the beautiful scenery, and later decided to build the imposing Eastern Qing Tombs at this site with good feng shui (Geomantic Treasure Land). The Eastern Qing Tombs centers around the Xiaoling Mausoleum with each mausoleum made up of palace walls, a Long’en Hall, side hall, Square City Soul Tower, and grave mound (large tomb stone), of which the Square City Soul Tower is the tallest structure. The owners’ posthumous names are engraved on the stone tablets in Chinese, Manchurian and Mongolian. Visitors traveling to the Eastern Qing Tombs can enjoy a large quantity of exquisite architecture, with each mausoleum decorated and sculpted in different styles that represented the highest in architectural quality at the time.

Travel Tips

Address:Foot of Changrui Mountain, Malan Ravine Town, Zunhua City (Around 30 kilometers from downtown Zunhua)

Transportation:Take a direct bus to the Eastern Qing Tombs from Zunhua Main Station.

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