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The Shanhai Pass

The Shanhai Pass is one of the most important passes of the eastern section of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall and echoes out to the Jiayu Pass in the distant west. It is known as the "First Pass under Heaven".

The common ancient Chinese expression, "the areas within and beyond the pass", refers to the areas demarcated by the Shanhai Pass. The Shanhai Pass Scenic Area not only has a long history as a strategic military post, but also boasts exquisite scenery and a favorable climate, making it perfect for tourism and avoiding the summer heat. There are over 90 different sites of interests within the scenic area centered on the main line of the Great Wall, including "Old Dragon's Head", "Lady Meng Jiang Temple", "Horn Mountain", "Longevity Mountain", "Yansai Lake", and the "Wang Family Compound". All attractions are located within a close distance of each other, with convenient transportation.

Travel Tips

Address:1 Dongliutiao, the Shanhai Pass Tourist Administration

Transportation:Take busses 13, 33, 33 Circular, or special bus number 2 from the city center and alight at the "First Pass under Heaven" Station.

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