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Dajingmen is a landmark of Zhangjiakou and boasts over 500 years of history. Together with the Shanhai Pass, the Juyongguan Pass and the Jiayu Pass, it is known as one of China’s four most famous passes and the "First Gate under Heaven". Zhangjiakou boasts a total of 1,476 kilometers of Great Wall dating from the Warring States period, Qin, Han, Northern Wei, Tang, Jin and Ming Dynasties and is the city with the longest section of the Great Wall in China, earning it the name the "Great Wall Museum”. Dajingmen is one of Zhangjiakou's most appealing tourist attractions and all visitors who come to the city want to climb to the top of the gate personally, overlook the exotic mountains and rivers, to enjoy the ever-changing Zhangjiakou city.

Travel Tips

Address:1 Bagang West Street, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou

Transportation:Take bus 16 from within the city and get off at Dajingmen or bus 32 and alight at Kouwaidongyaozi.

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