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Jiankou Section of the Great Wall

The Jiankou section of the Great Wall is Beijing's most famous wild section of the wall as well as a popular place where hikers and rock climbers love to go. This precipitous and beautiful section of the Great Wall runs alongside ragged mountains. No renovation has been taken place here, giving it a simple and natural elegance which is perfect for photographing. Many classic promotional pictures of the Great Wall were shot here.

The Jiankou section of the Great Wall is built of large slabs of dolomite which makes the wall more changeable and regular in shape than that at Simatai, setting the mountains off even more stunningly and imposingly. 

Jiankou is located 10 kilometers to the west of the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall with a marvelous view in between. Along the way you may find the famous "Knife Hilt" Tower and "Ox Horn" section of the Great Wall. If you climb from the Longtan Dam in the Zhenzhuquan Village, you will arrive at the famous Jiankou and the "Yingfeidaoyang" watchtower (Yingfeidaoyang: Eagle Flying Facing Upwards. It is said that this place is so dangerous that even an eagle needs to fly facing upwards to pass through, hence the name), as well as the Longtan Pool and the brick kiln ruins of the Great Wall.

Travel Tips

Address:In the Badaohe Township in northwest Huairou, Beijing

Transportation:Take bus 916 at Dongzhimen to Huairou, then take a midibus heading to Mutianyu where you transfer to a minibus at Xinying to Zhenzhuquan Station.

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