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Juyong Pass

20 kilometers north of Changping District, Beijing, a 15-kilometer-long dingle lies in the mountains. There in the dingle, layers of peaks rise above luxuriant green trees among which a magnificent pass climbs into the sky. On the pass hung a large plague with the words "The Most Impregnable Pass under Heaven". This, is the Juyong Pass of the Great Wall.

Juyong Pass is a famous pass along the Great Wall and is known as one of the three grand Great Wall passes. Running up the steep mountains, the south and north gates are called "South Pass" and "Juyong Pass" respectively. On either side of the Juyong Pass, you will find magnificent mountains and an 18-kilometer-long vale which is locally known as the "Pass Vale". Birds sing in the trees and drink dews from flowers. Clear waters winds in the vale which is surrounded by verdant mountains. This unique and beautiful scenery is known as the "Layered Emeralds of Juyong" and one of the "Top Eight Views of Yanjing (Beijing)".

The Yuntai Tower Base was recognized in the first batch of National Scenic Areas in 1961, and later in 1987 it was recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

Travel Tips

Address:Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing

Transportation:1. Take bus 345 at Deshengmen Station and transfer to Bus Changping 68 at Shahe Station, a through bus to the scenic area. 2. Take bus 883 at Deshengmen Station and transfer to Bus Changping 68 at Nankou East Street Station, a through bus to the scenic area. 3. Take subway Line 13 to Longze Station

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