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Jiumenkou Section of the Great Wall

The Jiumenkou Section of the Great Wall is the only section in the country that passes over water. The southern part begins high in the mountains and comes down to meet with the section of the wall coming from the Shanhai Pass. "The Great Wall crosses the waters and the waters flow beneath", is a common description of the section here. 

The Jiumenkou Scenic Area consists of a range of rugged mountains with towering rocks, deep valleys and hillsides that sparkle green in the summer and autumn. The section of the Great Wall here snakes along the rises and falls of the mountains, sprawling north along the mountain’s ridge to the south banks of the Jiujiang River. Here, the wall turns into a colossal fortified bridge spanning the wide river and continues on its way north, meandering back into the mountains. The man-made wall and the natural landscape blend perfectly, attracting tourists from far and wide.

In September 2002, the Jiumenkou Section of the Great Wall was recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Travel Tips

Address:Xintaizi Village, Lijia Township, Suizhong County, Liaoning

Transportation:Jiumenkou Section of the Great Wall is situated 10 kilometers from the Shanhai Pass and during the summer tourist peak, there are midibuses arriving from there.

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