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Yuan Site of Xanadu (Shangdu)

The Site of Xanadu is the site of the capital of China's Yuan Dynasty and is listed as a Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level. It was a capital on the grasslands constructed by the northern Chinese nomads and the result of integration between the settled farming communities of the Central Plain and nomadic culture. It is known by historians as comparable to the ancient Pompeii city in Italy.

The rampart of the imperial palace of Xanadu is constructed of stone inlay and boasts organized streets and wells with governmental buildings and a residential area in the south, the Qianyuan Temple and Longguanghuayan Temple in the northeast and northwest corners. The outer city is made of soil and the imperial city lies to the northwest with an imperial garden in the north and governmental buildings, temples and workshops to the south.

In 2012, the Yuan Site of Xanadu was recognized as a World Heritage Site. 

Travel Tips

Address:Jinlianchuan County Grasslands, Shangdu Town, Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia

Transportation:There is a bus leaving from Beijing's Liuli Bridge Long-distance Bus Station to Zhenglan Banner.

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