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Sichuan Giant Panda Habitat

The Sichuan Giant Panda Habitat simulates the wild ecological environment of giant panda by means of gardening, and to build an ecological environment suitable for the breeding of giant pandas and rare wild animals. All year round, over 20 giant pandas, as well as lesser pandas, black-necked cranes, white cranes and other rare animals are housed here. There are scientific research buildings, open research labs, veterinary hospitals, living quarters and playgrounds for the pandas, swan lakes, giant panda museums, comprehensive service centers and other installations at the bases, creating an ecological environment that combines verdant bamboo, birds twittering and the smell of fragrant flowers, natural scenery and beautiful artificial landscape and is suited for giant pandas and other rare wildlife to live and reproduce. The goal of the habitat is to protect giant pandas and increase their population before finally returning them to the wild.

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Address:12 counties or county-level cities in the four prefectural-level divisions in Chengdu, Ya’an, Ngawa Xizang and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and Garzê Xizang Autonomous Prefecture.


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