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Langshan Mountain

Langshan Scenic Area is located in Xinning County in Hunan and is connected to Guilin in the south and Zhangjiajie in the north, and is famous for its spectacular scenery of graceful rivers, beautiful mountains and bizarre caverns. It is the most classic example of Danxia landform in China.

Langshan Scenic Area is divided into the five major scenic spots at Zixia Cave, Camel Peak, Eight-horned Village, Xiaban Mountain and the Fuyi River. There are three natural bridges within the scenic area, 10 sky corridors, 10 unique karst caves, over 20 splendid valleys, 8 rivers crossing the entire area and rare plant and animal life including Cathaya, Chinese dove trees, South China tigers, clouded leopards, civets and giant salamanders, adding an infinite energy and vigor to the natural scenery.

Travel Tips

Address:Over 10 kilometers to the south of Xinning County, Shaoyang City

Transportation:1. Hire a vehicle: as the scenic area is distributed over a wide area with 3 to 6 kilometers separating scenic spots, hiring a vehicle to get around is the most convenient option. There are differing prices available within the county town, with one day's rental costing roughly 160 to 260 yuan (morning to afternoon) and a day being sufficient to visit 2 to 3 scenic spots. 2. There are various busses heading in both directions to each of the scenic spots that can be taken from Xinning County Bus

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