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Chengjiang Fossil Site

The collection of Chengjiang animal fossils are located five kilometers east of Chengjiang County in Maotianshan Shales and their discovery shook the international scientific world. The collection can be classified as national treasures and represents a precious human treasure trove of findings for not just Yunnan but the world, as well as holding the key to unraveling the mystery of the Cambrian explosion.

According to scientific researches, the 530 million-year-old Chengjiang fossil site uncovered over 200 rare animal fossils from the Early Cambrian period and is the most complete and best preserved collection with the richest variety of "Cambrian explosion life" found on the planet. In the circles of international scientists, the site is known as the "holy grail of paleontology", the "land of fossil type specimens", the "international-grade treasure trove of fossils" and "one of the most startling discoveries of the 20th century".

Travel Tips

Address:Maotianshan Shales, five kilometers east from Chengjiang County

Transportation:Visitors can take the air-conditioned coach from West Yuxi Long-distance Bus Station to Chengjiang County, which sets off once every half hour.

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