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Mount Jianglang

Mount Jianglang is commonly referred to as "Three Rocks" comprised of three peaks, the “Stone Peak” Langfeng, the “Stone Pillar” Yafeng and the “Stone Wall” Lingfeng. These three massive peaks rise like stone pillars into the clouds and are unusual to the Jiangshan area as a typical example of Danxia landform. The main peak has an altitude of 824 meters and the main scenic area is comprised of the five main scenic spots at Three Peaks, 18 Twists, Ta Mountain, Ox Snout Peak and Xianju Temple, making it a famous tourist attraction.

Mount Jianglang not only boasts an assembly of rocks, caves, clouds and waterfalls, but also combines unique, precipitous, steep and towering peaks that are majestic, spectacular, boundless, filled with verdant forests and exquisite natural scenery, making it the perfect spot for spending a vacation.

In August 2010, the area was recognized as part of UNESCO's "China Danxia" World Natural Heritage Site.

Travel Tips

Address:Jianglang Township, Shimen Town, Jiangshan City, Quzhou

Transportation:1. Take bus 202 from Jiangshan Village Passenger Bus Station to the entrance of Mount Jianglang Scenic Area for 6.5 RMB. There are busses every 15 minutes which take around an hour. 2. Quzhou Long-distance Bus Station has a direct bus to Mount Jianglang that leaves at 8:10 every day and costs around 20 RMB.

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