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Huaminglou Town

Huaminglou Town, located by Jinjiang River in the southeast of Ningxiang County, Changsha City, is the residence of the late revolutionist and former chairman, Liu Shaoqi. It is 20 kilometers from Changsha to the east and 30 kilometers from Mao Zedong’s hometown Shaoshan to the west.

The scenic area consists of the residence of Liu Shaoqi, a memorial hall, and statue square. The residence of Liu Shaoqi is located in Tanzi village, Huaminglou Town. The residence’s back is to the east and it faces the west, with a pond in front and a mountain at the back. It is an ordinary farmhouse of bricks and wooden structure. There are over 20 rooms. The main building of the memorial hall is a scattered garden architecture complex with ethnic features. The memorial hall exhibits the life of the great leader. Now, Huaminglou Town has become a National Key Tourist Site

Travel Tips

Address:Huaminglou Town, Ningxiang County, Changsha City

Transportation:Take the 312, 314 buses in Changsha city to the west bus terminal of Changsha and take a tourist bus to the resort.

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