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East Lake

The East Lake Eco-Tourism Scenic Area is located in the eastern part of Wuchang District, Wuhan City, near the famous Wuhan University. The East Lake is a city lake. The city scenery and lake scenery blend together, so you can enjoy the lake when standing within the city, and vice versa. As well as Chu culture, twisting lakeshores, fresh air, singing birds and sweet-scented flowers, you can often see locals riding around the lake.

The scenic area is based on the East Lake, where flowers bloom throughout the year. Among them, the spring orchid, summer lotus, fall laurel, and winter plum are the most famous. There are also many attractions that were built to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, and newly-built beach baths where people enjoy the cool summer, play in the water, and rest. The scenic area consists of the Wave Listening, Moshan Hill, Goose Loading, Flute Blowing and Hubei Provincial Museum areas. The main tourist attractions include the Xingyin Pavilion, Changtian Tower, Monument to Nine Heroines, Huguang Pavilion, Fable Sculpture Garden, and Green Pool Lookout.

Travel Tips

Address:East Lake Scenic Area, Wuhan City

Transportation:There are many bus routes to the East Lake Scenic Area. Among them, you can take the No. 515, 36, 402, 401, and 413 buses to the Moshan Hill Scenic Area, and the No. 8, 14, 102, 537, 578, 605, 701, 712, 411, and 108 buses to the Wave Listening Scenic Area.

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