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Mulan Culture Eco-Tourism Area

The Huangpi Mulan Culture Eco-Tourism Area is located in Huangpi District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, which is composed of the Mulan Grassland, Mulan Mountain, Mulan Tianchi, and Mulan Yunwu Mountain scenic spots.

It is the largest ecological scenic spot in Central China. If you love climbing, you can go to the Mulan Mountain, which is the back garden of Wuhan and a summer resort for Wuhan citizens, as the trees in the mountain are tall and lush. It is also the National Geological Park where a geologic structure that formed 750 million years ago is well preserved, and the field teaching experimental base for the China University of Geosciences. Apart from the natural scenery, the human scenery of Mulan Mountain is very famous too. There is the Jinding built in the Tang Dynasty, Mulan Hall built for commending General Hua Mulan, and the Yuhuang Pavilion on the first peak of Mulan Mountain where the Jade Emperor Statue is enshrined and worshiped by pilgrims.

Travel Tips

Address:In Huangpi District, Wuhan City, about 30 kilometers away from the Wuhan city center

Transportation:Take the No. 292 and 295 buses to the terminal station at Hankou Railway Station, and then take a “tour” bus at the distribution center

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