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Guangzhou Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park is a large-scale comprehensive culture and leisure park in Guangzhou. It is composed of Yuejing Hillock (main peak), Guihua Hillock, Muke Hillock, Carp Hillock, Beixiu Artificial Lake, Nanxiu Artificial Lake, and Dongxiu Artificial Lake.

It not only preserves the relics of each historical period (such as Zhenhai Tower, Ancient Circumvallation of the Ming Dynasty, Square Battery, Sun Yat-sen's Monument, etc.) and ancient and precious trees, but also has the Five-goat Statue, Idiom and Fable Park, Bamboo Forest Leisure Area, Plant Viewing Area, Flower Dome, a museum, art gallery, amusement park, swimming pool, stadium, restaurants, retail departments, pavilions, terraces, towers, and other leisure and sports scenic spots and service facilities. There is a large-scale flower show held in the park every year, and it is worthy of sightseeing.

Travel Tips

Address: No. 988 North Jiefang Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City

Transportation:you can take Metro Line 2 to Yuexiu Park Station, or take the 21, 24, 87, etc. buses to Yuexiu Park Stop

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