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Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall, located at the central axis of city construction in the old town of Guangzhou City, is an octagonal building built by the Guangzhou people and overseas Chinese to commemorate Sun Yat-sen. This grand and majestic building possesses strong national characteristics.

The whole building is very characteristic, and designed with sound absorption. Royal blue glazed tiles (the color is Sun Yat-sen's favorite color) are applied. It has a superior geographical location and beautiful environment, and it is located at the intersection of politics, culture and tourism. It is with Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress, Guangzhou People’s Government and People's Park to the south; People's Government of Guangdong Province to the east; Guangzhou Science Museum to the west; and Yuexiu Mountain to the back. Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall and Sun Yat-sen's Monument that is on the Yuexiu Mountain echo each other at a distance, and an architectural pattern where the memorial hall is in the front and the monument is in the rear is formed. The memorial hall is a protruding umbrella type structure looking down from the sky, and many tourists come here to cherish the memory of Sun Yat-sen's great achievements.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 259 Middle Dongfeng Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City (near Sun Yat-sen’s Memorial Hall Station)

Transportation:1. Take 2, 62, 204, etc. buses to Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall Stop 2. Take Metro Line 2 to Sun Yat-sen’s Memorial Hall Station.

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