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Xixi Wetland

The Xixi Wetland is located in the west of Hangzhou, less than 5 kilometers away from West Lake. Situated at the extension of the piedmont of Tianmu Mountains, it’s a rare secondary urban wetland. Xixi Wetland consists of an eastern wetland ecologic protection cultivation area, a central wetland ecologic tourist area and western wetland closed ecologic landscape facilitation area.

Xixi Wetland is a combination of urban wetlands, farming wetlands and cultural wetlands, and is the top wetland park in China. Its unique landscape and ecological environment contribute to making it an attractive resource for tourists. Numerous rivers and creeks within the wetland form large density of small islets. Thanks to the mild temperature and abundant rainfall in the area, the growth of plants flourishes, including reed marshes that have become habitats for various species of fauna. Within this national tourist area, the air is fresh. Visitors can smell flowers blossoming and hear birds chirping.

Travel Tips

Address:West Lake Scenic Area, West Lake District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Transportation:Buses routes: Take 830, K506, K310, 306, 346, and Y13 buses. Get off at the Zhoujiacun (Xixi Wetland) station.

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