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Xianghu Lake

Xianghu Lake is situated in the west of Xiaoshan District, about 20 kilometers away from downtown Hangzhou. Reputed as the sister lake of West Lake, Xianghu Lake is opposite West Lake across the Qiantang River. Xianghu Lake is named for its resemblance to the Xiang River, which also has vast water area and beautiful mountain landscapes alongside its banks.

The lake, the mountains and the cultural landscape of Xianghu Lake foster a great resort destination with unique characters. There are 10 scenic areas such as Chengshan Hill, Hushan Hill, Tiger Cave, Shiyan Hill, and over 50 scenic spots like A Reflection of History at Chengshan Hill, the Kuahuqiao Relics Museum, Xiasun Cultural Village, Wind-listening at Meishan Hill, water-fondling at Jinsha and etc. It is one of the origins of Zhejiang Culture and was rated as one of the best tourist destinations in China.

Travel Tips

Address:112 Xianghu Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Transportation:Take subway Line 1 to Xianghu Station, and leave from Exit E. Walk for about 1 kilometers to the destination, or take 344, 405, 515 inter-zone, 707, 716 or other buses and get off at Yuefenglou Station.

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