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Mount Qingcheng

Mount Qingcheng is famous for being secluded, and as such it has been known as “the most peaceful and secluded mountain in the world” for centuries. It possesses unique geology and geography, dense vegetation, agreeable weather, and verdant woods, with 36 peaks, 72 caves and 108 scenic spots. As early as the end of the third century BC during the Qin Dynasty, Mount Qingcheng was given the title of one of the state’s eighteen holy sacrificial places.

Sunrise breaking over the first peak, the glow of twilight in Chaoyang Cave, a boundless sea of clouds, the precipitous Ladder to Heaven, marvelous and diverse waterscapes in Yuanyang Well, plunging waterfalls in the Red Rock Gully, and the streams in the Weijiang River combine to form a picture of nature. Mount Qingcheng’s beautiful natural ecology gives it endless scope for those interested in ecotourism. There is the deep, verdant and mysterious Feiquan Gully, Shenxian Gully, Red Rock Gully and Wulong Gully, over 500 natural landscapes, such as valleys and walkways, pools and waterfalls, and grottoes and stalagmites, forming uncountable entrancing scenes.

Travel Tips

Address:Mount Qingcheng Town, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Transportation:Regular buses leave for Mount Qingcheng from the New South Gate Passenger Station (Xin Nanmen Keyun Zhan) in Chengdu City, approximately every 30 minutes.

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