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Dujiangyan Irrigation Project is a masterpiece of the Chinese nation. It is a large-scale irrigation project guided and built by Li Bing, governor of Shu in 256 BC during the Qin Dynasty to control flooding from the Minjiang River. A form of “non-dam diversion” was used for the project, including three main works; the Yuzui Levee (Fish Mouth Levee), Feishayan (Flying Sand Weir) and Baopingkou (Bottle-Neck Channel). The project skillfully and effectively solves the problems of diverting water for irrigation, from flooding and sand discharging, using the natural features of the Minjiang River and the mountain pass to form a scientific and integrated automatic drainage-irrigation system to feed the vast Chengdu plains, known as the “Land of Abundance”. Over the past 2,260 years, Dujiangyan has played a more and more important role, irrigating an area of more than 10 million mu.

Travel Tips

Address:Park Road, Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province

Transportation:Take the No. 4 or No. 7 Bus from Lidui Park Stop (Lidui Gongyuan Zhan) in the city directly to the scenic spot.

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