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Huangguoshu Waterfalls

The Huangguoshu Waterfalls, also called the Giant Huangguoshu Waterfalls, is the largest A-level waterfall in the Huangguoshu waterfall group. It got its name because there are many ficus virens (Huang Guo Shu in local dialect) in the area. Around the waterfalls are towering peaks, lush vegetation, deep valleys, mysterious caves, stone forest and stalactites,belonging to the typical karst landforms.

The Giant Huangguoshu Waterfalls are the only waterfall group in the world that can be viewed from top, bottom, front and back, left and right. It is famous for its magnificent Great Falls and its famous waterfall groups at home and abroad. In 1999, the Giant Huangguoshu Waterfalls was listed in The Guinness Book of the World Records as the world’s largest waterfall group. The Giant Huangguoshu Waterfalls are the largest level of waterfalls among the nine levels of waterfalls on the Baishui River, which is a tributary of the Dabang River and part of the Pearl River system. They are 77.8 meters in height (the main waterfall is 67 meters high) and 101 meters in width (the main waterfall is 83.3 meters wide).


Travel Tips

Address:Zhenning Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Anshun, Guizhou Province

Transportation:Take the bus from Jinyang Bus Station in Guiyang directly to Huangguoshu Waterfalls; the bus ride lasts about 2 hours.

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