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Dragon Palace Cave

The Dragon Palace Cave, located in the southern suburbs of Anshun, is adjacent to the Huangguoshu Waterfalls. There are many underground rivers and karst caves in this scenic area. The Dragon Palace Cave integrates dry caves, canyons, waterfalls, peak forests, cliffs, rivers, stone forests, and other karst geological landforms. It is a superb scenic spot in central Guizhou.

The Dragon Palace Cave covers a total area of 60 square kilometers. It consists of three parts: The Dragon Palace Cave central scenic area in the west, which is the essence of the cave; the Xuantang Pond in the east which mainly features idyllic scenery; and the Qunfang Valley between the two other attractions which is a small group of hills and valleys. The Dragon Palace Cave scenic area is home to very beautiful water caves and many types of karst landforms, so it is praised by tourists as “a miracle of nature.”

Travel Tips

Address: Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Area, Longgong Town, Anshun, Guizhou Province

Transportation:Take the shuttle bus from Anshun West Bus Station directly to Dragon Palace Cave.

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