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Baili Azalea Forest Park

Baili Azalea Forest Park is located in the junction area of Dafang County and Qianxi County in Bijie, Guizhou province. The natural azalea forest in the scenic area covers more than 130 square kilometers. As the largest azalea scenic area in the country, Baili Azalea Forest Park is home to 23 rhododendron species (rhododendron delavayi Franch, rhododendron decorum, rhododendron pulchurum, rhododendron irroratum Franch, etc.), including four of the world’s five rhododendron subgenuses and accounting for one third of 70-some rhododendron species in Guizhou. The flowers are various colors. The most amazing thing is that different flowers (up to seven types) can be seen on one tree at some places.

The whole scenic area is divided into the Jinpo scenic zone, Pudi scenic zone, a camping zone, recreation zone, vacationing and leisure zone, and a reserve development zone. The Pudi scenic zone in Dafang County represents the essence of the whole scenic area. The flowering phase of azaleas is as short as two or three weeks every year. The best time to visit Baili Azalea Forest Park is from late March to late April.

Travel Tips

Address:Baili Azalea Forest Park, Pudi Township, Dafang County, Bijie, Guizhou Province

Transportation:1Tourists from faraway places in Guizhou province or outside the province can first go to Guiyang,Zunyi Bijie,or another central city before transferring to Dafang.2.Take the airport bus from Guiyang Airport to the downtown area of the city for RMB 10 and transfer to bus 29, 48, 217, 218, 219, or 237; take bus 29 or 219 from Guiyang Railway Station to Guiyang Jinyang Bus Station for RMB 1 to 2; take a taxi from the airport to Jinyang Bus Station for about RMB 60, or from the railway station to Jinyang Bus Station for about RMB 35. 3. Take the long-distance bus from Jinyang Bus Station to New Qianxi Bus Station for RMB 50, then take a taxi to the Old Qianxi Bus Station,and finally take a medium bus to Jinpo for RMB 12orPudi for RMB 15.A bus ride from Jinpo to Pudi costs RMB5.4.Takethe long-distance bus fromZunyi Zhongzhuang Bus Station to Qianxi for RMB 70;take the long-distance bus from Old Bijie Bus Station to Pudi scenic zone for RMB 35 or from Old Dafang BusStatio toPudi sceniczone

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