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The Zhangjiang River

The Zhangjiang River Scenic Area features varied karst landforms, beautiful and unique waterscapes, lush forests, and all sorts of rare animals and plants. Integrating the unique natural scenery and the folk customs of Buyi, Shui, Yao, and other ethnic groups, the Zhangjiang River Scenic Area is the first world natural heritage site in Guizhou.

Adjacent to the Maolan National Karst Nature Reserve in Libo, the Zhangjiang River Scenic Area mainly consists of the Xiaoqikong scenic zone, Daqikong scenic zone, the Shuichun River scenic zone, and the Zhangjiang River scenic belt. It includes 58 attractions, the most beautiful of which is the Xiaoqikong scenic zone. The four scenic zones have different characteristics and attractions. The Xiaoqikong scenic zone is home to the Xiaoqikong Ancient Bridge, Laya Waterfalls, and other attractions. The Daqikong scenic zone is known for Tiansheng Bridge, Yaofeng Cave, and other attractions.

Travel Tips

Address:Southwestern Libo County, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province

Transportation:The Zhangjiang River Scenic Area is 320 km away from Guiyang. You can take any vehicle from Guiyang to Mawei, and then take the bus to Xiaoqikong National Park; the bus ride is only 36 km.

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