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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, located in Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, is the southernmost snow-capped mountain in the northern hemisphere. The alpine snowscapes are more than 4,000 meters above sea level, and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is famous all over the world for being precipitous, wondrous, beautiful, and graceful.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain consists of 12 snow peaks and is rich in natural tourism resources. The landscapes include snow and glacier landscapes, alpine meadow landscapes, primeval forest landscapes, and alpine waterscapes. The snow peaks are magnificent, exquisite, and beautiful. The scenery changes with the season and the weather: Sometimes rosy clouds slowly rise, hiding and then revealing the mountain; sometimes the snow peaks glisten under the cloudless sky; and sometimes they are surrounded with clouds, with the parts above the clouds bright and clear and those below the clouds lush and verdant; sometimes the snow peaks in the glow are like delicate and charming girls wearing red silk gowns. The azaleas blooming at different heights of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain also compliment the scenery. 

Travel Tips

Address:Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, Lijiang, Yunnan Province

Transportation:The direct bus to Ganhaizi departs at 9:00 in the morning and returns at 17:00 in the afternoon.

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