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Peacock Spa Resort

The Peacock Spa Resort is a scenic resort for vacationing, fitness, leisure, entertainment, dining, and accommodation. It is located in the famous town of hot springs, Tangchi Township of Lujiang County in Anhui Province. It's close to Lujiang Train Station and the Hefei-Anqing Highway, and is only 45 minutes away from Hefei Luogang Airport.

There are herbal baths, wine baths, recuperating spas, water drifting, manmade beaches and other facilities. The air is fresh here thanks to the tall, ancient trees and exotic flowers. There are plenty of local resources as well. The resort also offers a water entertainment center over Jintang Lake, as well as the Xiangsi Woods, a multipurpose sports field, ostrich zoo, bowling alley, tennis, rock climbing arena, etc., which make it a great holiday destination.

Travel Tips

Address: Waijing Avenue, Tangchi Township, Lujiang County, Hefei

Transportation:By car: 1. From Hefei: Take the Jinzhai Road Viaduct-Hefei Belt Freeway-go onto the Hefei-Hubei Jiezidun highway in the direction of the Anqing-Lujiang toll station-Chaohu Rundabout-Peacock Spa Resort. 2. From Shanghai: Take the Shanghai-Nanjing Highway-Hefei-Nanjing Highway-Hefei-Anqing Highway-Lujiang Junpu toll station-drive for another 8 kilometers on the left- Peacock Spa Resort.

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