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Daishan Lake

Daishan Lake is on the border between Feidong County and Quanjiao County of Anhui Province. It is famous for its unique lake and mountain views.

In the scenic area, there are four different functional areas including an outdoor activity area, sightseeing and Buddhist culture area, and a conference area. Tourists can walk around the Buddhist culture park, enjoy the lake, take part in water activities, try off-road driving on the beach, dine at a lakeside restaurant, visit the dozens of villas, enjoy spa services by the beach, and so on.

Daishan Lake scenic area combines mountains and water which fosters a beautiful environment. It’s called a natural oxygen spa, and the back garden of Hefei. It’s a great place for exploring nature and having a leisurely vacation.

Travel Tips

Address:Gucheng Township, Feidong County, Hefei

Transportation: Take direct bus lines from Hefei Bus Terminal to Daishan Lake.

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