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Wuhou Temple

Wuhou Temple is located in Wuhou District, Chengdu, and includes the Three Kingdoms Historic District, the Three Kingdoms Culture Experience Area and the Jinli Folk Area, is home to the most famous Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei monuments, as well as the largest Three Kingdoms Relics Museum in China.

The Wuhou Temple is divided into the Main Gate, Second Gate, Liubei Palace, Gallery and Wuhou Temple, strictly arranged along a south to north axis, with the Liubei Cemetery and its building on the west side. There are 50 statues of figures from the Shu Han Kingdom, such as Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei housed in the Temple, with great antique and ornamental value. The Jinli Folk Area and the Three Kingdoms Culture Experience Area are on the northeast and west side of the ancient architectural complex respectively.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 231, Wuhou Temple Street, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Transportation:Take No. 1, No. 57 or No. 82 Bus to Wuhou Temple (Wuhou Ci).

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