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Fuzhou National Forest Park

Fuzhou National Forest Park is also known as Fuzhou Botanic Garden. It is located in Xindian Township in northern suburbs of Fuzhou. As one of the nine forest parks in China, it is a multi-purpose park and a sightseeing destination that contributes to scientific research.

The park is surrounded by mountains on three sides and water on one. The highest point of the park is Bijia Mountain at 643 meters above sea level. The park consists of a forest, nursery garden, green house, specialized garden, and a lounge. The park collects and displays tree species mostly from Fujian Province, but it also imported kapok trees from the south, lombardy poplar trees from the north, hoop pine trees from tropics, camphor trees from the subtropics, Chinese pines from the temperate zone, and “living fossil” gingko trees, as well as over 2,500 other rare tree species from all over the world.

In the lounge area, there’s an ancient Chinese banyan that’s said to be planted by Prefecture Chief Zhang Boyu from the Northern Song dynasty between 1063 and 1067, which makes the tree nearly 1000 years old. The tree of 20 meters has a diameter of 10 m. The crown is like a huge umbrella, covering an area of over 1,300 square meters. It’s called the king of trees. Chinese banyans have a lot of clinging roots that spread into the soil and absorb nutrients and water. Chinese banyans are hearty and have a long life span, which is why they’re often called the eternal tree. It’s definitely worth seeing.

Travel Tips

Address:Shangciqiao, Xindian Township, Jin’an District, Fuzhou (7 kilometers north of Fuzhou)

Transportation:Take bus 54, 102 (Forest Park Route), 72, 84 or 87 to Forest Park station.

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