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Tianxiang Garden

Tianxiang Garden is located on Qingshan Hunan Avenue. It was originally called the West Lake Gardening Park. Built in 1976, the garden now has over 30,000 penjing plants of all sizes and is cultivating over 26,000 flowers and saplings. It is the biggest Jiangxi style penjing plant and flower base in the province.

Tianxiang Garden has a unique Jiangxi potted plant style that is natural, rough, and primitively simple yet elegant. The most impressive is the 6,000 penjing planted in tree stumps, which are all between 100 and 900 years old, making it the best in China and a rarity in the world.

For years, the garden has grown a lot of trees and flowers to maintain a great natural environment. At its most populous time, over 200,000 birds of over 32 species are attracted here. It’s called the “Paradise of Birds”.

Travel Tips

Address:No. 333 Qingshan Hunan Avenue, Nanchang City

Transportation:Take Bus 535 or Tourist Line 1 to Tianxiang Garden.

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