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Lion Peak of Meiling Ridge

As the most representative scenic spot of the Meiling Ridge, the Lion Peak is located on the northwest of the Meiling Ridge scenic area to the west of the suburban area of Nanchang City. Everything is spectacular here: peaks, rocks, caves, and waterfalls as well as magnificent cliffs, and bamboo everywhere; the misty and wavy Panxi Lake with old paths and lianas; and bat caves hosting hundreds of thousands of bats. Everything contributes to an isolated heaven on earth. Representing the structure of Meiling Ridge, which is usually referred to as a klippe, Lion Peak is the most magnificent and best granite landform on Meiling Ridge.

If you get to the top of misty Lion Peak and look beyond, you can see mountains far away, villages nearby, fields, and lakes. You can finally understand that the best view is at the top of dangerous peaks, and when you get on to the top, you’re a part of the peak.

Travel Tips

Address:Lion Peak Scenic Area, Meiling Township, Wanli District, Nanchang City.

Transportation:Take Bus 219 at Nanchang Train Station and get off at Dongfanghong Station, change to Bus 112 and get off at Lion Peak Station and walk to the scenic area.

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