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Shiji Amusement Park

The Zhengzhou Shiji Amusement Park is located at the junction of Zhongzhou Avenue and Shihua Road in the southeast of Zhengzhou city. It’s a large-scale theme park of train culture, including functions like science and education, leisure and amusement, outdoors training, and dining services.

The Shiji Amusement Park is the one and only train culture themed amusement park, and the first in the world. The park focuses on the development of trains, with an over 3,000m long train surrounding the park. The train has 6 stations: Industrial London Station, Latin American Rainforest Station, Arabic Castle Station, Holland Flavor Station, Western Cowboy Station, and Shiji Central Station. There are several different types of retired locomotives and different types of train models from different eras on exhibition.


Travel Tips

Address:No. 1 Shihua Rd., Guancheng District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Transportation:Take the B15, B16, 35, 59, 215, 262, 516 buses to Shiji Park station.

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