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Mansion of the Kangs

The Mansion of the Kangs is a large manor of ancient landlords that has gone through the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China. It’s regarded as a symbol of Henan Businessman traditions as well as a symbol of the ancient architecture of the Central China region. Along with the Mansion of Liu Wencai in Sichuan and the Mansion of the Mous in Shandong, they’re called the Three Mansions in China.

The mansion consists of 19 sections, covering a wide area of land, including a residence area, warehouse area, mill area, south compound, and ancestral hall area, etc. Currently, the areas that are open to the public are the warehouse area, residence area, and south area. Within one to two hours, tourists can walk through the open areas.

Travel Tips

Address: No. 59 Zhuangyuan Road, Kangdian Township, Gongyi City, Henan Province

Transportation: 1. Take Bus 1 from the Gongyi Bus Terminal to the Jinbo Building, and change to Bus 11 on the other side of the road and get off at the Mansion of the Kangs. 2. Take Bus 2 at the Gongyi Bus Terminal and get off at the City Hospital, change to Bus 8 to the Mansion of the Kangs.

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