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Qianling Park

Qianling Park, located in the northwest of Guiyang, was built in 1957, and is a comprehensive park. It is called Qianling Park as it contains Qianling Mountain which is known as “the first mountain in Southern Guizhou”.

The park has green hills, clear water, and deep and serene forests, giving it a lot of scenic viewing points. Visitors can go to scenic areas such as Hongfu Temple, Kylin Cave, Zoo, Qianling Lake and Wind-Rain Bridge in the park, and there are advanced recreation activities and popular science centers such as dog sled tours, tourist cableway, aquarium and more. The mountain is covered by dense vegetation, more than a thousand kinds of trees, flowers and medicinal materials, clear springs and jagged rocks. There is a small zoo deep in the valley, where there are crowds of monkeys and visitors. Whether you ramble down the winding roads or sail on Qianling Lake, you’ll be able to relax both your body and your mind.

Travel Tips

Address:No.117, Zaoshan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

Transportation:Take No.1 Loop Bus Line, No.16, No.22, No.51 or No.602, etc. from the city and get off at Qianling Park.

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