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Kunming World Expo Garden

The full name of the Kunming World Expo Garden is the “Kunming World Horticultural Expo Garden”, and it is located in the Golden Temple Scenic Area in the northeast suburbs of Kunming, about 4 kilometers from downtown. The garden is built on hills and it integrates local characteristics with scientific and technological achievements. It is a world-class horticultural garden with yunnan characteristics and Chinese style.

The expo garden includes 5 halls: International Hall, China Hall, Human and Nature Hall, Science and Technology Hall and the Green House; 7 theme gardens: Tree Garden, Bamboo Garden, Bonsai Garden, Medicinal Herb Garden, Tea Garden, Vegetable and Fruit Garden and the Flower and Stone Garden; and 3 outdoor exhibition areas: International outdoor exhibition area, China outdoor exhibition area and enterprise outdoor exhibition area. The vegetation covers 76.7% of the garden. There are halls and exhibition areas from many different countries on different themes, gathering horticultural achievements from around the world. The Kunming World Expo Garden is an ideal place for visitors to enjoy flowers and plants.

Travel Tips

Address:No.10 Shibo Road, Panlong District, Kunming

Transportation:Take No.47, No.50 or No.69 Bus and get off at World Expo Stop (Shibo Yuan Zhan).

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