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Kongtong Mountains

Kongtong Mountains is located about 12 km west of Pingliang, Gansu Province. It is an important birthplace and sacred place of Taoism as well as one of the most famous mountains in Northwest China. Its main peak, standing 2,123 meters above sea level, integrates wondrous, precipitous, delicate, and graceful natural landscapes and pristine and superb cultural landscapes, and is of high aesthetic, cultural, and scientific value.

As a sub-range of Liupanshan Mountain, Kongtong Mountains features danxia landforms composed of claret conglomerates of the upper triassic system, and is a natural kingdom of animals and plants. It is home to more than 1,000 species of plants and 300-some species of animals. Here, visitors can see towering peaks, precipitous cliffs, deep valleys, mysterious caves, peculiarly-shaped rocks, and lush trees. Kongtong Mountains boasts both the magnificence of northern China and the gracefulness of southern China.

Kongtong Mountains is a famous mountain with a long history and profound cultural connotations.

Travel Tips

Address:Kongtong District, Pingliang, Gansu Province (12 km west of the downtown area)

Transportation:Wuyishan City is 15 kilometers away from Wuyi Mountain scenic area. Visitors can take the sightseeing bus or taxi at any place along the way.

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