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Yunnan Nationalities Village

Yunnan Nationalities Village is located on the bank of Dianchi Lake in the southwest of Kunming. Village customs of minorities in Yunnan are reproduced here both through restoration and display.

There are 25 villages in different styles, such as Bai minority, Yi minority, Miao minority, Dai minority, etc., and tourist facilities, such as an ethnic dance hall, ethnic square, laser fountain, water curtain movies. Tourists can not only learn about different minorities’ architectural styles and folk costumes, but also experience unique ethnic festival activities such as the Bai minority’s “March Street”, the Dai minority’s “Water Splashing Festival”, the Yi minority’s “Torch Festival”, the Li Su minority’s “Knife-Ladder-Climbing Festival”, the Jingpo minority’s “Dance Festival”, the Naxi minority’s “Sanduo Festival” and more. All of these are characteristics of the Yunnan Nationalities Village, and are definitely worth seeing.

Travel Tips

Address:No.1310 Dianchi Road, Xishan District, Kunming

Transportation:Take No.24, No.44, No.73 or No.94 Bus and get off at the Yunnan Nationalities Village Stop (Yunnan Minzucun Zhan).

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